‘Mystery Isle’ – Murder in New York City

February 10, 2007

[Note from Onder Skall – scroll down a bit for information on the event this Sunday. For more information IM Silky Underall, or see http://www.brightghia.com/%5D

Mystery Island



UNICORN WOODS, dAlliez — Second Life’s most intriguing new sim was revealed to enthusiastic crowds in a special sneak-preview event just two weeks ago.Now, Mystery Isle is preparing to roll out its full-blown interactive murder mysteries as an ongoing feature. A cast of M.I. actors will help participating “sleuths” follow the clues and discover new ones, as they seek to solve the crime — and win each event’s $1,000L grand prize reward.

Additional cash prizes are also available for discovery of other “special clues,” which are scattered around the island. Tickets to participate in the mysteries (held at 1 p.m. on Saturdays) can be purchased at Mystery Isle’s central Teleport point, or on SLExchange.

The once-a-week, one-hour scripted whodunits begin with a basic recounting of the crime details and the available clues, as well as the names of known witnesses. Participants are then sent out in the streets of this recreation of 1940s NYC, to hunt down additional clues and information that can lead them to the murderer. To add to the ambience of the experience, M.I.’s default World setting is Midnight, giving it its authentic “noir” feel, so familiar to murder mystery fans and afficianados.

Sim co-owners Silky Underall and Merry Gildea paid loving attention to detail while constructing this remarkable metropolitan replica, paying homage to such familiar landmarks as the cloud-piercing (204m) Empire State Building (with a special guest star crowning it), Radio City Music Hall, Algonquin Hotel, Brooklyn Bridge, a working Subway car you can ride around the island, Central Park (featuring swan boat and carousel rides) and “Maycee’s,” where you can find some of SL’s finest shops.

In addition, M.I. offers a blimp tour of the skyline, or a horse-drawn carriage tour on the ground. Pay a visit to the lovely Bijou Theater. When you’re done there, take the short walk down the street to the Private Eye’s office… and see if Sam Spayed is there. If not, you can always say hello to his falcon friend. 😉

Mystery Isle’s music events, featuring SL’s best musicians and singers, include concerts at Radio City Music Hall and performances at the trendy Deco nightclub, “La Danse Macabre.” You can also hang out and play darts, pool and poker at the nautically-themed “Bad Buoys” bar, near the docks.

A wide variety of additional entertainment events is planned for the future. A week-long “Yard Sale” is currently in progress and will end Sunday evening, February 11th.

Intrigue-filled mysteries notwithstanding, Mystery Isle is worth a visit to view the remarkably ambitious build — constructed primarily by Silky Underall, with assistance from Merry Gildea. The unique scripting for the subway and blimp rides was created by Mod Faulkner. The signage, theater marquees and various “props” around the island were created by Jaywood Duvall.

All told, it’s an incredible piece of work… with a little bit of something for everyone.


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