The SL Chess and Sudoku Club

February 8, 2007

Onder Skall reports from The SL Chess and Soduku Club, Solariam 227, 199, 42 (Mature)

As I started to put together a comprehensive guide to games in Second Life I began to realize that a really big element was missing: Chess! There must be dozens of Chess games all over SL! Now that I think about it, I’m way overdue on covering this topic.

It took me a bit longer than one might expect to find a decent Chess club. There are plenty of chess games all over SL, but they’re usually in dance clubs filled with people uninterested in a quiet game. Eventally I found a club with a variety of 2d and 3d Chess sets, as well as educational tools to help you become a player. I sat down and pondered a Chess puzzle that they had on the wall.

Hmmm… nope, I don’t get chess at all.

It was then that I remembered something: I totally suck at Chess. I have no idea what I’m doing here. Hang on, let me go look at the Sudoku stuff… they have Sudoku HUDs, no-prim Sudoku textures, Sudoku scripts, and … well you get the picture.

So I go and take a look at this Sudoku puzzle…

Hmmm… nope, I suck at sudoku too.

Hmmm… nope, I suck at Sudoku too. Now that I think of it, I’ve never won a game of either Chess or Sudoku in my life. Six year olds have kicked my butt (which is saying something considering Sudoku is one-player). Ah, but in the corner, the SL Chess and Sudoku Club have shown compassion to those of us who feel just a bit less manly after being shown to be idiots.

Boxing… takes away the pain… ironically…

Ah boxing! Takes away the pain… ironically…



  1. […] The SL Chess and Sudoku Club Schwarz setzt in drei Zügen matt. Vorschläge? […]

  2. I like to make a comment on this location. It is a very nice location. I had a very good time with my girlfriend playing chess. Unfortunately our tic/tac/too game was spoiled by Arschlochtyp Oh. He took over the game. I tried to communicate with him but he told me that he did not speak English, German or Frensch. Afterwards it seemed he was lying because his German and English were excellent. It is a pity that people like Arscholochtyp Oh are spoiling games.

  3. what can i say? I like the chess club, its cool, i play there all the time, but some transvestite attacked me during my tic tac toe games and were yelling at me…afterwards i was offering friendship…but ohh my, some people are rude :-), she/he/it was pushing me and yelling and cursing me out. Daan you are cool, but your transvestite friend is rude, get rid of her…:-)

  4. Solution to the chess problem: Qxf1+, followed (after Kxf1, which is forced) by Nd2+ and (after Kg1, which is forced) Re1 mate.

    It’s not super-easy, but easy enough to see once you know what to look for.

  5. at 5:00 I will k y

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