Grief vs. Game

February 5, 2007

I love comments. I generally don’t leave too many, even in response to stuff directed right at me, but I do love them. For instance: the article I wrote about Raiden’s Gold Casino wouldn’t have been half as funny had it not been for comments. The owner messaged his entire client list to come on over and check out the article! So not only did he tell his clients to read about how much he sucks, which is funny all by itself, but then the comments kept bumping the article up in the search engines! I didn’t need to say a thing! Hillarious!

Today, though, I left a comment over at that intellectual hive known as Terra Nova. Mark Wallace (3pointd, the Second Life Herald) had contributed an article entitled W-Hat is Emergent Gameplay? It was cool, mind-expanding stuff, so what the hell; I threw my two bits in. It was quickly lost in a gigantic sea of pontificating essays and outraged chest-beating. Ah well.

Still, making this rare leap got me looking at comments, and specifically at commenters, a lot closer. When I swung by the Herald today, I realized that somebody named “Anon” (short for Anonymous I guess) had posted a comment linking SLG as thier website. Hmmm. The comment itself was reasonably clever and sounds like something I might even say: calling on everybody to play a writing game. The specific game they wanted to play, however, I’m not so sure about… they wanted everybody to make fun of Prokofy.

I kind of like Prokofy. She’s feisty. I don’t remember too many times when I’ve agreed with her, but that’s beside the point: she seems sincere, she seems bright, and she seems kinda fun. Teasing her doesn’t seem like a very nice thing to do.

So here’s this comment from Anon, referencing my blog (and by extension implying my endorsement), for everybody to write “proving that Prokofy is a terrorist”. I’m torn here. On one hand, I’d die laughing to see a bunch of articles describing why I’m a terrorist, but then again, that’s me! I don’t know that Prok is going to laugh, and the spirit of the post doesn’t seem to have her amusement in mind either.

What, exactly, is the difference between Grief and Game? Consent can’t be it… attitude seems a bit vague… I’m groping in the dark a bit. What’s the line? How can we tell the difference? Can it even be defined?

[Edit Feb. 13 2007 – Alright so that was a bit vague. To help you make up your own mind on the issue I’m including a video of the infamous griefing attacks on Anshe Chung. NSFW]

One comment

  1. One griefer wrote on his Web site that he did it because of the number of Chicken McNuggets one could buy with the proceeds from one day of the SL economy. Their self-aggrandizing appreciation for their own wit and intelligence is one of the most amusing sides of SL but the reality is that they’re just a bunch of nits who got turned down by Linda Chestybubbles when asked if she would like to go to prom.

    Sure, they’re a part of the game but no more so than speed bumps are a part of RL. I don’t see that the reality of a sim is significantly increased by its capacity for replicating hemorrhoids.

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