Samurai Island

January 31, 2007

Samurai Island

Onder Skall reports from Samurai Island

I finally learned my lesson after the last time and decided to review Samurai Island sooner rather than later. I don’t need the Crazy 88 chopping my ass. Wired reviewed it, New World Notes went on about it, so hooray: everybody loves it. That probably means it sucks. Let’s take a look.

First, I have to say that the place looks gorgeous. Mega-hella-awesome kudos to the designers for making the best looking low-lag gaming environment in Second Life. No question.

Having said that, the place is really big and I got lost right away. Dudes; signage! It’s low prim!

Even though the island’s layout wasn’t very intuitive, the gaming interface made up for it. The free training sword (or “bokken” for you authenticity freaks) at the entrance was very easy to use and had some really sweet animation overrides. I was leaping into the air and yelling “hai-yah!” at my screen in no time. Now, if I could only find a fight…

Soon enough I came across a couple of leather-clad people slashing the hell out of each other. Cool particle effects, cool sound effects, cool animations, it was total cool overload. They took off down the road a bit to enjoy killing each other in private, and I followed up on a cluster of green dots ahead.

Samurai Island

As luck would have it I came across a group of people instructing a newb. There wasn’t all that much instruction needed (the controls are pretty straightforward) but there’s a whole clan and competition element going on that involves capes and loyalty and fancy stuff I didn’t care too much about. My interest perked up again when it was hack-and-slash time. Fighting is good times.

Unfortunately my training sword (ok ok “bokken”) doesn’t do any damage. Time to go sword-shopping over at Samurai HQ. They have a wide selection hella-cool looking weapons filled with custom animations going for L$800. Just outside there’s a clothing store with some sweet Samurai-Ninja-Anime clothing to help you look the part.

In conclusion, I have now completed reviewing all of the Second Life games that all writers in my particular field are required to. No more death threats! I’ll review what I feel like reviewing from now on.

Oh, and Samurai Island doesn’t suck.



  1. Wow your blog looks pretty nice. And SL is obviously a very interesting thing. I did not try I yet, but I get more and more interested 😉

    Greetings from Germany


  2. dude.. the guy in the second pic is king zuhal my sl bro lolz !

  3. wicked

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