Pixel Sumo

January 24, 2007

The Herald is carrying a story about Pixel Sumo right now. They’re big fans of anything that makes a good headline, but I’m not sure if it’s any fun or not. Anybody play this?

I’ll check up on this game within the week and give you my take on it…



  1. I checked out the Pixel Sumo website at http://pixelsumobanzuke.blogspot.com. It occurs to me now that I had found this a week ago and didn’t end up writing it. Herald beat me to the punch…

    I’ll be swinging by the place at 2pm Second Life time tomorrow for the match and I’ll tell you the one thing the Herald article seemed to avoid: IS IT FUN?

  2. It’s OK. Besides, my next writing piece is going to be about the kickboxing as I have class at the time the bouts take place. I guess it’s someone else’s chance to win! (I was runner up two weeks ago and won last week)

  3. I have been visiting the site every once in a while for positively ages. I have always been there at the wrong time, but I’d love to see it. We all know I have a sumo obsession.

  4. Jesus! You can have a sumo avatar, but to make it look like Freda Kahlo? Ewwww!!!

    BTW, sorry I couldn’t meet up with you in SL, are you availble today? I could help publish (I always wanted to start my own publishing company 🙂 Maybe my book and SLGames can be the premier works!)

    Anyway, can the guy who is helping you with the HUD possibly help me with my book? Texture limits are fing me in the A

  5. Hey DtotheG,

    IM me in-world, it’s way better than using the comments! 🙂

    Onder Skall

  6. It’s hella fun if you like pushing people around – just ask anyone that’s competed in the matches. As for Davgor, he can’t get enough of it. “It’s OK”, lol, – Davgor, you’ve been beating me up for moving match times around and having it when you have other things going on. I plan to run matches at Thursday, 2pm (SL time) regularly. I always get a good crowd at that time. Trying to run Monday 6am (SL Time) for Japanese citizens.

  7. When I said “It’s OK”, I wasn’t talking about the events (I can’t really get mad at you for having the matches at that time, school is more important, even if it is Anthropology) I was talking about that it’s OK if he wants to do a write up despite the fact that I beat him to it (I’m guessing he writes for the Herald semi-regularly)

    BTW, I see you live in Deleware, same time zone as me. What sort of job do you have where you can have the matches at such weird times?

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