Raiden Gold Casino

January 23, 2007

The simple, monolithic “beauty” of Raiden Gold

Onder Skall reports from Raiden Gold Casino, Raiden Gold (165, 93, 29)

I had a big scare the other day: I had too much L$! We all go through this now and again, but usually we can count on Tier fees to bring us back to a happy state of bankruptcy. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to cover it and I was going to end up with a spare few hundred L$. What was I going to do?

Now, I could just go and buy some stuff from native builders or designers and then delete the items from my inventory and my troubles would be over. Unfortunately I would then be burdening these innocent people with spare L$ of their own and the cycle would just continue. No, if I really was going to obliterate this cash completely, I had to find a pit of despair from which no L$ would ever return.

A quick search of the Classifieds later and I had my answer. Raiden Gold Casino was dumping hundreds of thousands of L$ every single month into advertising. You couldn’t avoid their ads even if you tried (believe me, I’ve tried…). They must be a L$ eating machine. Perfect!

When I arrived at the casino I knew right away I was in the right place. I think we’re all tired of stumbling across brilliantly intricate and gorgeous builds. Thank goodness we have none of that nonsense here. The exterior was completely devoid of any artistic touch. Factories have more character. Its bland facade screamed: “shut up and get in here so we can take your money.” My God, they were efficient!

It gets better…

 Onder observes the majestic beauty that is Raiden Gold

Upon entering I was comforted once again that they really had their priorities straight. They used ugly carpet designs in order to avoid burdening any designer with too much unwanted L$, and didn’t even bother with a roof from which they may have been tempted to hang a decorative item. Even the games were the same ones we’ve all seen in every casino on the planet, thus assuring us that the odds were against us and that we would lose our money in due time.

Oddly, the one Roulette table was acting up. While it was still paying out to the poor, unfortunate souls that occasionally “won” at it, it wasn’t reporting anything in chat. Looking around for a staff member to report this to revealed yet another point of brilliance in the Raiden Gold design: there was no staff on hand! Hiring staff would have meant more SL residents stuck with unwanted L$ for “working” in this wonderland. Well done Raiden Gold Casino!

I tied my business up quickly at the Blackjack tables by fast-clicking on “Hit” over and over, and then tried to think of how I could pay the casino back for providing such a crucial service to the community. I wanted to thank the owner, JK Warrior, but he turned me down for an interview. I understand that of course, as he must have been busy finding brilliant ways to make all of the L$ he was gathering vanish. Disturbing him was a terrible faux pas on my part, but what can I say: my adoration got the better of me.

Next time you have a few spare L$, please don’t force them on some poor unsuspecting newbie. Don’t go buying things from independent designers who exist purely for art and could care less about your stupid money. Don’t donate it, or invest it, or make any silly moves like “creating something” with it. Bring it to Raiden Gold, and flush it down the toilet. The pain will be over before you know it.

Either that or just give it to me. I’m good like that.



  1. Wow, you seem like a very misrable person in general. first of all, I have been to this place and like it a lot. They actually have some games you will not find in any other casino in SL. the slots are the best. plus, I think the design is great. It looks like a RL casino. Ive seen casinos in RL that do not look as nice as this. I have gone to raiden gold now for a while and seen it go through a lot of renovations so I know the owner has spent5 a lot oftime updating the casino and remodeling it when possible. I am sure we will see more cahnges to as time goes along. Anyway, you must lead a bitter existance and I feel sorry for you.

  2. “The exterior was completely devoid of any artistic touch. Factories have more character. Its bland facade screamed: “shut up and get in here so we can take your money.” My God, they were efficient!”

    Just so you know, atleast from how I understand it. There is absolutely no access to the outside of the building. Fly is disabled and you TP inside the building itself. Plus, it is situated on its own private island so no one would ever be outside of the building anyway. With this said, I am curious…. Why would it matter what is on the outside of the building if you are not intended to see it anyway? Its impossible to get to this island without TP’ing in and that takes you inside of the building itself.

    I like it, because it is what it is, its a great Casino. People that go there want to gamble and play games, not look at useless wall art. The interior is nice enough for me as it does not ad a lot of extra lag which is created when lots of textures and phantom prims need to load. Raiden Gold is the best casino I have played at and I have seen most of them in SL.

    By the way, next time you need to give away lindens recklessly, just give them to me 🙂 I will gamble them for you and provide absolutely no return to you in any fashion.

  3. what are you bitching for ? .. seems to me that you accomplished your goal in record time …..

  4. This guy should have tried Club Extreme Casino, now THAT is a real casino

  5. Just got a message to check this out via the Raiden Gold Casino hotline (group notices) and I’m sure intending us to all go here and defend the place. But honestly I cant.

    This new Raiden Gold Casino is very poorly designed.

    The lag is horrible but why wouldn’t it be with 10 times more machines than people who can even be in the sim at one time.

    Does that make any sense to anyone? Why have more machines than people could even be in the sim unless you actually WANT to create lag.

    You can only fit 60 people max in a sim, no more can even come in, why have some 100 machines!! I have never seen more than 10 people playing ever even with a full house.

    It makes gambling and even being in the sim just about impossible. The lag from all those wasted machines make for an extremely miserable experience.

    Just teleporting in and having to walk in the horid lag to simply get to the casino floor is miserable.

    The place is ugly to be sure but its a casino in SL so what can you expect. But fans of Raiden Gold Casino don’t kid yourself you know this review is very true.

    JK you could remove over half those machines and create a wonderful lag free environment for us; I am confused at why you don’t.

  6. To Fred Clutterbuck:
    The sim runs at 45 FPS and the total frame time of the sim averages around 22.2. Maybe you should get a better PC or upgrade your internet connection. Im in there all the time and do not get lag. Just so you know, the sim is a private island and can fit up to 100 people in it any time. By the way, why did you not use your real SL name for this post. I think I know why 🙂 Maybe you are Onder? maybe not : )

  7. No I just don’t want any unnecessary grief because I spoke out critical of the place. SL is full of ego and drama, I’ve run across situations where the smallest critical comment makes people go nuts, so I dont need that.

    I have a top of the line PC and gaming graphics card and business class highspeed internet, so no its not that. You and I both know the extreme lag issues when there are a fair amount of people in there. I have been there lots and you often comment on it.

    I stand corrected on the amount of avatars that can be in the sim at one time, but that still doesn’t answer the question why so many machines?

    They produce massive amounts of unnecessary lag and there are so many that you could remove.

    Would 100 people ever be in the sim and each playing a machine? Have you ever been packed and come even close to having the machines full? There is no way.

    I’ve been there when you are having huge linden giveaways and the place has never been anywhere near full, not even close, yet the whole room complains of terrible lag, even yourself.

    I’m sorry JK but it’s the truth.

    Also when you are telling all of us to remove AO’s, attachments, and bling yet the room is filled with dozens of unecessary machines it makes for a miserable customer experience.

    You could do better.

  8. First of all, when there is not a free raffle going on it hardly lags at all. And the free raffle does not happen all that often. Even when the raffle is going its not too terribly bad for me compared to other places I have been to. In the not to distant past when there were issues with the SL database and asset servers or grid attacks then yes there was excessive lag, but that was all over SL and has since been a lot better since the past few updates.

    Keep in mind that I am telling you I do not have issues and I run a very slow computer. Probably one of the slower PC’s in SL. So if I can get around just fine and you can not it tells me that the problem is on your side and not that of the sim itself. Possibly your equipment or connection is not as great as you seem to think it is or maybe you need to tweak your settings a bit. But you are probably one of those who also thinks its neccesary to be able to view objects from 1000 meters away too. Did you know you can edit those settings in SL to help reduce your level of lag?

    Why do I have so many games? The reason for the number of machines is the fact that players like to have more choices to play and we offer them exactly that. I have recieved many compliments for that. The opportunity to move to a different game if you are feeling unlucky on another has been favored by a lot of people. Not to mention the many varieties of games and different betting limits that each machine has available. The set up is designed to accomodate every type of player which must be part of the reason for the large amount of regular repeat business at Raiden Gold.

    I am not sure when the last time you were even at Raiden Gold or who you are but I am guessing you are one of those who only comes around for the free raffles. If thats the case and thats what you are basing your opinion on then you really do not have all the facts straight, not even close my friend. Raiden Gold runs just fine during its normal flow of traffic through out the day. By the way?? Business class internet connection.. What do you mean by that? Many companies use a T-1 line which is not available for residential use so you must be talking about either DSL or maybe even a cable internet connection. My connection is a cable connection.

    As far as lag, if it is as bad as you say then I guess no one would ever play at Raiden Gold and I would be out of business. I guess Raiden is doing ok though, after all, we get a ton of repeat business of which I am certain you are not one of them and somehow we are able to keep posting L$299,997 worth of classified advertising every single week. So there must be SOME people that are having a good experience at Raiden Gold.

    It is obvious that you are trying to defame what many have told me is the best casino in SL for your own gain or pleasure. By the way, I am not claiming that it is the best, I have been told by countless people in SL that they think its the best. So I am very proud to boast what people have told me in this post.

    To move on, it is true that I ask people to remove scripted items. We do have a lot of games and adding even more running scripts to the list does take away from performance in any sim. I do not see how that would make someones gaming experience worse though, why should you need to have AO’s, bling and other useless scripts attached to your avator while at a casino, one of which that happens to be on its own private island??? Not only that, we have outside scripts disabled so most scripts should not even work at Raiden Gold. Most every casino in SL has scripts disabled for many reasons some more obvious than others.

    Well if anything this post by Onder has taught me one thing, that I will never be able to make everyone happy, so I am not going to even try. Have a good day, I hope you find your own happiness in life.

  9. By business class I mean a higher speed connection than average high speed. Its more bandwidth faster upload and download speed, it just so happens they call it business class and it has its own support and stuff like that for businesses. I just get it because its faster.

    No JK I am not trying to “defame” you, its called advice and comments of observation. This is what I mean by many SL business people instantly getting offended by even the smallest criticism.

    I ran a business for years (an early dial up ISP) and I have taken my fair share.

    This is simply what you should expect running a business.

    I do have to comment on your last post.

    You say “The reason for the number of machines is the fact that players like to have more choices to play and we offer them exactly that.” but that is exactly what Raiden doesn’t offer; a variety of games.

    If you are talking about the little graphics that appear as the slot spins then you have a few. Some with cards others with fruit while some with gems on it. But that isn’t a real variety of slots. Why not actually have some unique games or even a more diverse set of prices on games.

    You have just a few 1L slots last time I was there, which wasn’t that long ago. Some people like to come in and throw down a few linden and the “fun” is getting as much tries at the machines for your money but at 5L and up for most of your machines its easy to burn through your money just to play for a bit.

    Do not get me wrong not every time I have been there has it been a lag fest, oh no, just times when there has been lots of people there…and by lots I really dont actually mean many.

    My point is I believe your casino JK has slot machine overload.

    Stop and take a bit of constructive criticism here is all…I am a customer why not at least pretend to listen.

    I’m not asking for anyone to kiss my ass and tell me I’m right. I’m simply expressing my experience with Raiden. Same as the original poster.

    I didn’t even know about this post until you sent out that group notice telling everyone to go check it out.

    JK I really loved your old casino, and I think as far as realistic casino looks yours has it. I’ve always told people so. But as far as good SL casinos it falls short. Check out Extreme Casino to witness a truly popular casino.

    Popularity is also part of a good experience at a casino. Its fun to have lots of people around to gamble with (share the pain), its makes for an exciting time over just sitting alone at a machine mindlessly pressing a button.

    For a look at really fun slots and one of the most beautiful casinos in SL go to New Moonshine Casino. The slots are creative, interesting to look at, and fun to interact with. Very much like the games in a real casino. The place is gorgeous as well which enhances the experience immensely.

    I say again I think you have one of the most realistic looking casinos (on the floor), but that is just a small part of the overall customer experience you should be working on.

    I don’t doubt people have a good time at Raiden. I always did and still occasionally do, but please set any ego and pride aside and allow me a small amount of criticism.

  10. I have not read ypur whole pst yet but I do want to comment on this:

    If you are talking about the little graphics that appear as the slot spins then you have a few. Some with cards others with fruit while some with gems on it. But that isn’t a real variety of slots. Why not actually have some unique games or even a more diverse set of prices on games.

    I have exactly that, there are different types of slots that play very different from each other. The 5 times pay slots have multipliers that when the 5 times pay symbol with any other combo of matccing symobls it works as a wild card and pays 5 times that amount, if two 5 times pay symbols fall you get 25 X. Tell me one place that has a slot like that. And again, another unique and different game is the double diamond slots, in the case the double diamond is a wild and a multiplier that works a little differently then the 5 times pay. So right off the bat I have two slots, that do not play like all the other slots and that are also exclusive to Raiden gold Casino. So no, I am not talking about the “little graphics” that appear. Also the Gems slots, they are networked progressive slots with 12 machines linked to one jackpot for 3 different denominations. I also havea wide variety of stand alone progressive jackpot slots. In addition to that we have another slot called crazy sevens that has a autoplay feature and are stand alone progressive jackpots. So we do havea wide variety of slot machines available, and again we offer them in many denominations so all types of players can enjoy the, Maybe if you actually spent some time looking at what games are available then you would have realised that. And all of the slots have atleast 4 price denominations ranging from 1 Linden per bet all the way to 100. So I guess that would be a 1, 5 ,10 ,20, 30 ,40 50, and 100 for denominations. So that is a wide variety of price ranges

    Anyway, I have to run for now but I intend on reading and commenting on the rest of your post later as I am sure it leaves lots of room for me to comment on.

  11. Ok, I was able to read the rest of your post and I have some comments ready. Please accept my apology but I feel it neccesary to challenge you on this because I believe firmly in my business operation. Just so you understand, I do take constructuve critisiscm and advice, in fact I frequently ask people for it but your first post to me was not constructive. Basically what I got out of that is that raiden gold is a terrible place to be and it lags something terrible 24/7 and its all due to the games we have.

    You are welcome to think that it is an ugly place, I for one think its very nice looking and so do the people who play there. I have recieved many, many compliments on the asthetic nature of the casino. I will not argue that there lag when I have free raffles but that is because there are usually about 30 people at those events on average. most places will lag a bit with that many people.

    Before I go any further I want to shed some light on why Onder decided to write this article. This article is in no way a constructive review on the casino. I do not think he even played any games but thats not the issue. He contacted me back in december to do an interview out of the blue, probably because he saw how much I was spending on marketing. The timing however for me was not right and I had little time to participate and not to mention I did not feel that I was ready to do any type of interview based on the stage I was at with the new Raiden Gold location. I very politely apologized and told Onder that I was not available to do an interview at that time and right after he got really rude and then said something like fine, there are planty of other casinos I can interview. So this article by Onder is in no way a review but a backlash meant to hurt Raiden Gold all because I was unavailable to do an interview with him. I just wanted to clear that up before I continue with my comments about your post.

    Ok, lets get into your reply post now. I already made one reply earlier regarding the variety of games. To recap, we have 5 different types of slots at Raiden gold and many different denominations and even a few variations on one single type of slot. To clear up about what I meant by having a wide variety for people to choose from, I meant that you can find anywhere from 6, 12 or even more of a single type of machine to play.

    People like this because often everyone has a comfort level they are willing to play at and if that comfort level is playing the 10 linden Double Diamond slots I want to be able to offer them multiple machines incase they feel one machine is not paying out good enough they can try their luck on a different machine without having to step out of their level of comfort with the game. And we have a certain number of each varient and denomination available incase other people happen to be playing the same type of slot they still have opportunity for choice with the game they feel most comfortable playing.

    Sometimes people do not want to try new games. If I only had one or two of each variety out then that would not leave many options for the person playing the game and make the experience not as good. A lot of people even like to play a few spins on one and if it does not win move right on to the one next to it until the find one that feels like it will be lucky for them. Or maybe they just want to play 3 or 4 of the exact same game at onetime which lots of people do that. All of this they would not be able to do if I did not have as many games as I have in place now.

    As far as 1 Linden slots, I think we have maybe about 18 of them if memory serves me correct. I could be wrong. Please keep in mind though, we are not targeting an audience of players that want to play 1 linden slots. We have them as a courtesy like most casinos in RL have penny slots and or nickel slots available for play and if you notice there are usually not many available at those denominations and they are tough to get on becaue there are so few. We are no different then that. By having the courtesy of having low denomination slots available we are more positioned to accomodate that level of player then if we did not which is why we have any at all.

    Raiden Gold is in the business to generate lindens and it makes little business sense to over fill the place with low denomination slots since we can generate more lindens by having higher denomination slots that get played less frequently then we could if we had all 1 linden slots that get played 24/7.

    Its important for a casino to be profitable and manage the revenue generating games correctly to remain profitable. If Raiden Gold Casino can not be profitable then we would not be able to afford to pay out the big wins that are available to our players. So its important for a casino like any other business to generate sufficient profit to maintain operation. 1 linden slots are not the answer to profitablility.

    As far as slot overload, like I stated earlier, the SIM FPS runs at 45 which is perfect and the sim times averages about 22.2 which is right about par for a decent running sim. It does not lag with normal traffic flow.

    As far as popular casinos lets take a look at what you think is a truly popular casino. I could have the same level of traffic too as Extreme if I handed out free money 24/7. Extremes business model revolves around giving away free money and if that stops the traffic will drop as any other casino that revolves around that type of model.

    In fact im not sure if you noticed this or not but they had what appeared to be some financial troubles for a bit in the past last year and stopped giving away as much free money which cut the traffic very drastically putting other casinos at the top of the popular list and almost knocking Extreme totally off the top 20 list. What happened to the popularity when the free money stopped flowing for that short period of time?

    People do not go there to gamble as much, they go for free slots and the random give away. The lag there is bad all of the time because he has that sim overpacked with more people than its designed to handle. That traffic is just another form of camper traffic in my eyes with in fact many alts just hanging out waiting to win the free raffle. Nothing against Chilly or Extreme, he is a good person and Extreme, well that is something that he built and can be proud of and I would never knock that.

    As far as being a “Real Casino”… Well i spend a lot of time in “Real Casinos” due to the nature of what I do and I can tell you that Raiden Gold is more of a “Real Casino”. We have just as big a variety of “Casino Games” minus the novelty games they have. We do not participate in the novelty games like Tringo, Slingo or Multi player jacks or better as they are typically only used to generate traffic in hopes that they will turn those players on to other games since they are very low profit games to the house. I do not even recall seeing any table games at Extreme like roulette or blackjack. The slots all look identical and most of them are video poker machines. Atleast from my last observation.

    As far as Moonshines, well he is a friend of mine, in fact I started my whole business on his slots machines and would recomend them to any person wishing to start a casino. I have since moved on for many reasons though. You mentioned variety in his games, im not sure if you realise this but all of his slots play identical and have identical pay out structures just with some varients in denomination. So that would be a more accurate example of having the same game with different symbols as you stated about Raiden Gold.

    He really has two core slots, the progressive slots and the non progressive slot with 2 different denominations. Bet 1 3 5 per play 10 20 30 per play. However all of the slots are identical in actuall game play and reel stops etc. the only thing that changes is the graphics as where my slots all have different pay out structures and varients on actuall game play. Plus they are based on a truly random number generator provided by http://www.random.org. and not LL psuedo random generator which we all know to not be very good.

    Just to touch again on popularity, once again Moonshines business model is based around free money raffles which in my eyes is just another form of camping. He says its profitable and I would never dispute that. Im sure a lot of his money comes from game sales and the licensing agreements he has with the other people who are re texturing his games for resale. But then I could be wrong too on that but I feel confident that i am not.

    Anyway my point is this, if you judge popularity based on inflated traffic numbers due to campers then I dont want to be popular. I judge it a very differently, I base popularity on revenue generated and number of daily transactions changing hands. I recieve thousands and thousands of transactions daily from players and my revenue is very good. Good enough where I can easily afford a weekly advertising budget of L$299,997 and retain good profitability after that expense. So to me, popularity is measued by my actuall revenue generated and over all profitablilty of the business model.

    Anyway, my hats off to you Onder… you wanted an interview from me and I think you got more than you bargained for just by making me a bit mad. If a friend had not even told me about finding this article I doubt I would have even known that it was out here. Atleast not right away that is. No big deal, I eventually would have done an interview with someone down the road and probably would have discussed many of the same things I talked about here, maybe to to the same degree though. So I guess, in short, I really helped you accomplish your goal in the end. so congrats to you for shaking things up a bit.

    JK Warrior

  12. […] response to stuff directed right at me, but I do love them. For instance: the article I wrote about Raiden’s Gold Casino wouldn’t have been half as funny had it not been for comments. The owner messaged his entire […]

  13. Just wanted to let you know….If you are out of the Raiden Gold region, start flying, then teleport into the region, you will be able to fly at Raiden Gold’s casino. You can check out underneath the casino. Look for a canal outside. Also, if you fly high up in the sky, there is more up there, but there is some security feature that sends you to your designated home. ….I wonder if there is something to get by this?

  14. Hehehe = ) Thanks for all the free advertising.

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