Compulsory DarkLife Article

January 19, 2007

DarkLifeOnder Skall reports from DarkLife, Navora (45, 41)

You may remember when I was telling you that, as a writer discussing games in Second Life, there’s an unwritten rule stating you must write about Tringo. Well…

The other day a black sedan with tinted windows pulled up in front of me and a man in a suit approached. “We understand that you have not yet written about DarkLife,” he rasped. “Uh, no, no I haven’t,” I stammered. He was about a foot taller than I was and his hands looked like they could crush my head effortlessly.

“DarkLife is a very good game, you know. Many people enjoy it.”

“Yes, so I’ve heard, I…”

“Wired wrote about DarkLife you know. Kotaku too. And New World Notes. You want to be as good as they are, don’t you?”

This is the part where I was supposed to take the hint. I swear, I’m not all that quick sometimes…

“It’s just that I haven’t had time to get around to it, and after all I have a copy of Guild Wars kicking around if I want to play that kind of thing so…”

“Guild Wars isn’t user-created!” Uh oh. I think I made him mad.

“No, th-that’s true, b-but,” I stammered, stupidly unable to just agree with the goon, “the graphics in Second Life pale in comparison to commercial RPGs and the gameplay just isn’t the same!”

Ouch. I realized what I had done even as I finished the sentence. I prepared for imminent painful death.

DarkLife“You may have a point.”

I couldn’t tell by his tone if he was really agreeing with me, or warning me that there were equal chances that I may not have a point. The next words I said would decide my fate. Time stood still. I realized I had been holding my breath. I wondered if my heart had already stopped.

“Um, but then again,” I started, “DarkLife is way cheaper to play. Even if you buy the expensive armor and sword, you’re still way ahead of the game as far as cost goes.”

“Go on…”

“Right! Yes, it’s way cheaper,” I exclaim, the hope of survival shining down upon me, “and genuinely an incredible independent project! I mean, you know, it’s this kind of project that will really push the limits of what the Second Life system can do! Projects like these encourage innovation accross the grid for any number of other applications! It also shows that Second Life is a great testing ground for new gaming ideas, and establishes the world as a major hub of creativity!” I was babbling now. I didn’t care. I just might survive!

He leaned forward a little to make sure that I could hear him properly, “I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of that in your article today.”

“Today? Well I wasn’t really going to go online today because we’re heading out to… uh… yeah, today will be just fine! Just fine!”

As the sedan pulled away, I breathed a sigh of releif. There was just enough time to fit in the DarkLife article, and I then I could take my time over the next few weeks covering the other stuff I had found around the grid.

Then I realized: I haven’t written Samurai Island up yet either. Oh man. The Crazy 88 are gonna chop me good.

Seriously, if you’re thinking about writing articles on Second Life, make sure your health insurance is paid up. Trust me on this one.



  1. […] finally learned my lesson after the last time and decided to review Samurai Island sooner rather than later. I don’t need the Crazy 88 […]

  2. ahh I am in the picture. woot

  3. I have two words about the graphics comment……”sculpted prims”

  4. fist time i see these website but useful game blog

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