MegaBux – 100% RDA of WOOHOO!

January 17, 2007

Onder and Saskia at Megabux

Onder Skall reports from MegaBux – 100% RDA of WOOHOO!, Shamrock 101, 123, 104 (Mature)

I caught up with Saskia McLaglen, a hardcore gamer of the Second Life Games group, and we took a trip over to MegaBux. It’s a free playground with lots to do, but it’s the kind of place you really want to be with somebody to visit. (If you don’t have a friend online, join the Second Life Games group and ask the channel if anybody is interested in joining you. It’s a fun bunch!)

First stop: SKEE BALL! Everybody loves skee ball, right?

Let me sum it up for you: this is a great lesson for why the Second Life physics engine needs a huge overhaul. Major. Don’t play the Skee Ball thing. Moving on.

Megabux - Physical Stupidity

Physical Stupidity, ironically, is GENIUS! Sit in one of five cages, and hit the big green button in the middle of the floor. A fence-wall goes up, and all of the cages fly around smashing into each other. I could have used blinking lights and changing wall colors, but it was disorienting enough I suppose. We did this at least four times before time constraints forced us to move on, but I definitely am coming back for this thing. Be sure to try it once in Mouslook mode. It’s so dumb but it’s so fun!

LasertagUp the stairs is Lasertag. After the failure of Unreal:SL you’d assume that a shooter wouldn’t be fun, but somehow the simplicity of Lasertag makes it a really good time. It was pretty tricky figuring out how to set up opposing teams, but once we got the hang of it we had a hard time peeling ourselves away from it. Nice work!

Bouncy Bouncy BouncyThe rooftop was jammed with fun things to do. There was a nice little slow-moving train that you could sit on and watch people playing Lasertag down below. Float Coaster flings you up and down in a wooden ball. There’s a colorful tube (no name that I could see) that you ride up and tumble down in that will make you nice and dizzy. Also, there’s the Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy that… well… goes bouncy bouncy bouncy. All of these favor Mouselook mode, and they’re all pretty fun.

Finally, way way up at the top there’s a Sky Platform that has two slides: the Light Slide and the Dark Slide.

If only you knew the power of the Dark Slide. (As if YOU could resist saying it!)

Look up… waaaaay up!

Look up… waaaaay up!

Oh the coolness! Seriously, grab some friends and go to Megabux. This place is genius fun for all ages, and when you’ve gone on the last ride take a final trip up to the Sky Platform for some amazing base jumping!

Any other Hardcore Gamers out there that have been to Megabux? What did you think? Leave a comment!


One comment

  1. Until Onder invited me along to Megabux with him I had not taken time out to play any games in-world. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was.

    Skee Ball was lost on me, the ball would not even leave my hand, on reflection this was probably due to the animation overrider I was wearing. So girls and boys make sure you detach everything that is not absolutely essential if you want to get the most out of games here. Having said that, there were some very high scores recorded on the machine, so someone must have got the hang of it!

    Physical Stupidity was the most ridiculous and original (to me) idea here, and it worked a treat. Only for hardcore gamers who need their heads examining and maybe soft furries 😉 Onder had to drag me away from this one as he was on a deadline for his review, but I will be going back for more. We did discuss at the time the possibility of flashing colours and stobe effects to seriously mess with your head, but it is by no means something lacking. I would offer the suggestion that the walls be made darker to make chat easier, but that is hardly a criticism, just would add to sharing the fun.

    Lasertag was the best I think, and a game that would have to take precedence over any other here if you are short of time. Onder sums it up very well. I found it smooth and very playable, and great fun to have three dimensions to play with whilst evading/blasting your opponent/s. 🙂

    Feeling a little twitchy after all that adrenaline? Chill out on the roof-top rides, beautifully vivid colours surround you as you are gently glided about on the rides admiring the view. A perfect way to wind down after a busy day building and shooting.

    Make an effort to visit this place if you have any interest in gaming. Fantastic effort Megabux, thank you 🙂


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