Midian City

January 13, 2007

Onder visits Midian City

Onder Skall reports from Midian City, Midian City 139, 46, 30 (Mature)

Originally I was going to just refer you to this excellent article over at Just Virtual, but then I spent a little time in Midian City and realized that there was something more to be said. The game has moved from a rented plot to a full sim, and in so doing has shifted from an experiment into something that people live their second lives in.

Midian City isn’t just gothic cyberpunk combat, neither is it merely a huge, extremely detailed build. It’s an experience. Don’t come unless you plan to BE a character, to interact with the other characters as this fictional creature, and to win or lose depending on a shared narrative.

The rooftops of Midian City

This is the kind of RPG that takes you beyond simple gameplay or fiction. Role play in Midian City isn’t something you pick up and then drop again. You live it. Your role-play lasts.

While in Midian City you’ll be hunted, or the hunter, or both. You’ll get hurt, die, have sex, get tattooed. You’ll stay committed to your faction, and you’ll do odd jobs as a freelancer for hire. This is Bladerunner meets Underworld. Let your darkness come out in this elaborately crafted city filled with endless detail and possibilities.

It’s easy to lose yourself in the dark alleys, tunnels and neon of Midian. Come and corrode.

street level in Midian



  1. I just came across your blog and I’m a bit surprised that you haven’t done an article on Toxia yet…feel free to pop in though and talk to Miss Wright or any of the other GMs that are around and I’m sure they’ll provide you with a plethora of information.

  2. Well there’s only so much time in a day. I haven’t done Samurai Island or Pot Healer Adventure or Skydiving or any number of what one might think are essential things. All in the due course of time.

  3. Yeah toxia.. Midian is just some over grown sex sim… The rp there is lacking and its just as bad as City of lost angels.. Both which suck COLA is full of campers cause they designed their combat system have camping in it. and as i said midian is lame..

  4. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this article the other day. Thank you Onder for the nice review. It is an accurate depiction of what the Midian City experience is all about.

  5. Great article!

    I’m glad to see Midian City getting some well-deserved press. It’s one of the few role-playing sims in which role-playing is actually what goes on! Too many other places are filled with either just combat or sex–Midian, on the other hand, is actually filled with talented RPers building characters, stories, and environments. Finally a place in SecondLife worth spending time in!

  6. I would like to say the below statement is accurate as bush being a good president. My guess is someone had a bad experience and is holding a grudge. My experience there to be honest was shaky at first. But with Jade cracking down on alot of things and the MPD getting beefed up, I think there might be some order being restored here soon. 90% of the RPers are very nice and mature, but theres always that 10% that aren’t. I would suggest Midian City to anyone, but I would also suggest one thing, might just want a gun atleast. As for the MCS, its kinda weird at sometime, I have yet to do damage to anyone but it may be the guns I am using. Not sure. Or could be the lag. Anyways. Heres my review and hope that is was helpful to others who were looking for honest opinions.

    “Yeah toxia.. Midian is just some over grown sex sim… The rp there is lacking and its just as bad as City of lost angels.. Both which suck COLA is full of campers cause they designed their combat system have camping in it. and as i said midian is lame..”

  7. Midian City is beautifully complicated and dirty. I wouldnt tarnish my white fur anywhere else.

  8. […] complete review of Midian is available at my blog, along with in-depth commentary from residents of Midian […]

  9. COLA is not full of campers. Its full of active players playing an extremely well designed game. Their combat system is designed to give people experience and allow characters to level up but the GM staff of all COLA based sims ban anyone found to idling for experience in the sims. Seems like Anonymoose works alot of blog commentary in regards to anything that might be reviewing anything but Toxia, go figure. COLA and Midian City provide some of the best roleplay experiences in Second Life anyone that thinks otherwise quite simply either has no idea what they’re talking about or works for Toxia’s propaganda team.

  10. Midian is AWESOME!!! that anonymoose guy is a total retard because roleplaying in midian is pretty much all i do on second life now! (hi jade steele!) it is tons of fun and if you try it you WILL like it!!!

  11. He’s sitting in Kali’s chair!

    And to add to the comments here, as a long time Midian roleplayer, nearly 10 months now, i can tesitfy to Midian being the best sim on the grid.

    A truely immersive, mature and well thought out standard of roleplay has been fostered in the sim and sustained over time. It is admittedly a challenge sometimes to break into the circles of high standard roleplay in Midian, but is worth it, and it puts ifs contemporaries in the shade.

    Solus fell by the way side after a brief challenge, and Tirian has never kicked off.
    CoLA, Toxia and Norsim are rife with god moding demons, furries and poor unimaginative characters, and often IC and OOC pose a challenge to those playing in these sims, the roleplay their seeming to centre about the combat systems, something Jade has always kept out of Midian.

    in short, if your about roleplay, you will end up in Midian eventually, if your happy wandering about the 2nd rate cyberpunk sims, or even gorean sims, then I doubt your the kind that would flourish in the best sim on the grid.

    Midian is evil, fun, gritty, funny, scary and friendly – Come join us, you’ll never get out…

    But the best news?

    You’ll never want to.

  12. Yes, Midian is a wondeful city! Its cheery and bright. OH SURE there may be rape, murder, mayhem, mutilation and unchecked violence, but golly gee, theres also a lovely community center, next to a beautiful green park. I do hope everyone comes and visits us and stays, as we are welcoming to necomers.

  13. I can only agree with Auntie, and thanks for the invitation. I promised to stop by at some stage and I will .. hopefully I’ll be able to find Kyril before ..


  14. Midian is the place to be, without a doubt. I have been Rping there for nearly half a year and I dont’ think i’ll be leaving anytime soon. I’ve tried other places, including Toxia and Solus city (back when it was still up and running) and I must say that there is no other place like it. Its a place where you not only create a character, you truly create a “second life”. This place is full of characters that not only interact, but breath and thrive. Combat systems have basically been abandoned for Rp fighting and Im all for it. I try to do anything I can to help the city out by attempting to recruit good and thorough Rpers i might meet along my journey through SL.

    If you want to just find a place for a free fuck or a camping ground, go somewhere else. But if you wish to create not only an avatar for this place, but a living (and sometimes un-dead) being that will flourish and thrive, laugh and cry, smile and frown as you supply it with a life of its own. I have only this to say…..


  15. Midian City is one of the best damn RP sims in SL… no I take that back it -is- the best. I have been lurking about and playing for nearly 8 months and I can not get enough. That idiot who called it a sex sim has obviously not spent any real time there. While there is an erotic feel (as well as others) there is some hard core very well through out RP there. I would not play anywhere else. For the record I have tried CoLA as well as Toxia. I found both cliquish, laggy as all hell and nothing close to the calabur of rp i find in Midian.

  16. I love Midian, and the people in it. Sure sometimes you get the typical drama but other then that everyone basically gets along. You also get the fun of having a chance being hunter or the hunted and you can easily switch the roles, and it’s the type of Sim where if you know one person you most likely can get in any place and everyone is friendly

  17. I’ve put more than two hundred hours into Midian, and I can earnestly say that while it may have had roots as a sex sim, it’s far more than that now. I came from NoRsim and I can assure you, I haven’t been back since I set foot in Midian. That said, it’s a bit hard to start RPing there as 10-15 line posts are common, especially in combat. Just keep an eye on how much time you put into it, because it might eat your life.

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