Cosplay – Four Great Avs

January 13, 2007

Onder Skall reports from Welcome Area, Morris (4, 251, 40)

Whenever I want to see some really brilliant avatar work, I swing by the Welcome Area at the Ahern-Bonifacio-Dore-Morris junction. You get this great mix of newbies and veterans there, and of course the vets all want to strut their stuff!

These pictures are self-explanatory, but I wanted to point out that Keane Edge (pictured in the first two images below) does all of his work himself and, as he put it, is “constantly evolving”. He referenced a half-dozen anime titles as inspiration for his look (only three of which I had heard of…). It’s amazing how much time and effort gets put into these things!

Of course, Veedal Sassoon shrugged off my compliments with a casual “just something I threw together this morning”. My my, aren’t we the suave one? 😉

Keane Edge with the mega-eye

Keane Edge strikes a pose

Keane Edge


Veedal Sassoon and Skye Lewellen

Veedal Sassoon and Skye Lewellen


GreifinThe Box - beware strange magicks!

GreifinThe Box

Do you have an avatar that should be featured here? IM me and we’ll catch up with each other!


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