UI Abstraction – The Game Staring At You In The Face

January 12, 2007

UI Abstraction

Onder Skall reports from The Brownstone East, Grignano (114, 123, 27)

Second Life Art News is holding another photo contest, but this one has a twist that sent me reeling. The basic idea is to create abstract art using the SL client’s debug settings. Hit Ctrl-Alt-D to open up the Client and Server menus, and start toying with the settings under Rendering (and a few other places) to create special effects. Grab your screenshot, remix it in Photoshop (optionally), and send in your 512×512 entry.

Why am I making such a big deal of this? To me, this exercise is going to do more to teach people about play than anything has in ages. It carries the message that everything is a toy, even things that are intended to be tools or means to some other end. This demonstrates to the masses why hackers hack, why parcours runners leap, and why every kid, sooner or later, flicks a lightswitch up and down as fast as they can until somebody yells at them.

Playing is awesome, but finding new ways to play is even better!

[edit Jan 13 2007] View my submission after the jump:

Onder Skall - The Caves

“The Caves” by Onder Skall



  1. I feel understood – thank you!

  2. The contest is The Photography Studio in Grignano’s, though, not SL Art News. *changes hats*

    All my hats look the same so it is confusing, I admit.

  3. This is so fun to work with, it is like a new life in Second Life … does that make this THIRD LIFE?

  4. Also – *drools* – I left off the “3” part – you can enter up to 3 pictures.

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