Tech Warfare

January 10, 2007

Onder Skall reports from Tech War Arcadia , Arcadia 1 (62, 221, 22)

I’m a big fan of New World Notes. It’s the most intelligent, consise, “just-the-facts” writing on Second Life that there is. While poking around the blog I came accross this article about Tech Warfare. His article is written better than mine is, but mine’s shorter and I have bigger pictures so I win.

Tech Warfare

Here’s a summary of the gameplay: picture your avatar standing in a 3D version of Starcraft and being the target of the opposing side’s army. Dodge gunfire while trying to gather energy, build units, nail your enemy and smoke his base. It’s easy to pick up, fun to play, and a typical game lasts under ten minutes. That’s Tech Warfare.

It won last year’s Arcadia Game Developer’s competition (yeah I hadn’t ever heard of it before either) sponsored by Linden Labs. There’s a massive stadium built to host it at the moment, although the people I spoke with in the area tell me that there are copies running in other sims as well. What’s great about it is that while two players makes a great game, you can make teams of two or three players at a time. This creates some beautiful, beautiful chaos!

Go red team!

Today, almost a year after the game’s debut, I swung by the stadium and met some players. They were just a few of a larger group of Tech War fans who play on a regular basis. What was great about watching them play was how much obvious joy they were emoting just in the thrill of play. Even when losing, players would “lol” into general chat and look forward to a rematch against somebody who, they admitted, they had never beat.

This is what made me want to play Tech Warfare more than anything. My personal number one game design rule is just this: losing must be fun!

Dexter Tones pwns!!!!!!!1111oneoneeleven


  1. Hell, looks like fun, contact me if you are in the mood for a fight. Is it bring your own Disintegrator, or do they provide one?


  2. Oh it’s all provided by the game. A good bet is to just swing by the game itself. There are usually a few people in the area looking to play… and I’ll be coming by soon.

  3. dexter does not pwn. that much is certain.

  4. Calix is just jealous since he doesn’t have enough micro (watch Pure Pwnage if you don’t get the joke).

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