Little Silent Hill

January 5, 2007

Little Silent Hill

“Ma! I’m home!”

Onder Skall reports from Little Silent Hill, Braunworth 42, 119, 179 (Mature)

When was there ever a more potent gaming experience than Silent Hill for Playstation? Those of us who experienced it were left with a permanent mark on our souls. There was never anything as chilling, heart-wrenching and all around haunting as this. Could anything ever compare?

The sequels, overall, were amazing as well. That movie could have been better but, hey, it has the name Silent Hill on it so I got a copy anyhow. There’s no stopping a fanboy.

Today I discovered the Second Life homage to the series: Little Silent Hill. They’ve built the motel, the church, the burger place, and the bar. No idea why they bothered to build the bar, but… whatever.

I struggled a lot with this build. I really wanted it to be better than it was, frankly. While the motel couldn’t have been better and the burger place was alright, the church was dramatically reduced in scale. I could have easily dealt with the removal of the burger place in favor of a full-scale church. It was one of the most dramatic settings in the story, and seems oddly diminished here even though the textures are great.

Apart from that, I really wanted a section that was filled catwalks, chains and bizarre flesh monsters. There’s nothing like that here. In fact… there’s really not much to the place at all. I’m a bit crushed. At LEAST give me a Pyramid Head!

I tossed a Linden into the well to donate towards the sim they want to build, but if they really want to make a full-scale go of it, they had better bring their A-game! Come on guys, no messing around! This is Silent Hill! It’s sacred man!

Or… not sacred but… what’s the opposite of sacred?

One comment

  1. Of course, some folks wouldn’t be happy with anything less than a full-featured, 100% accurate reproduction of Silent Hill. I can’t do much about them, as I am only one person with limited funds/time/etc. One could spend their entire life trying to reproduce Silent Hill down to every bloody detail; I’ve tried, but in the long run has turned out simply unfeasible, not to mention back-breaking.

    While I’ve seen a lot of appreciation for my efforts (your little review notwithstanding), exactly zero have come forth with a serious build to actually contribute to the project. So…what’s there is what’s there, and that’s how it’s going to be for now.

    Working to make something that actually looks good in Second Life is like pulling teeth. One must CONSTANTLY deal with space constraints, monthly tier fees, prim limits and the clunky tools themselves. Back when I started really getting into SL, I had one tiny 512 sq. m. plot…and guess what? The church — my first build — had to fit on that. You get what I’m saying here?

    And you know, you didn’t have to bother with your generous donation of one linden. Really. What amounts to .01 of a cent is NOT going to make one whit of difference now with Linden Lab’s new extra-higher sim prices. In fact, I’ll give you a refund once I’m in-world next.

    Tell you what; if you want me to make a full-scale, A-game go of it, why don’t you provide the sim space? Sims themselves are a deal at about $2000 USD, plus about $300 each month after initial purchase. Whaddya say, hm? You do that, and I’ll build the Silent Hill in Second Life we ALL have always wanted, not just you.

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