It’s all me baby!

January 4, 2007

Onder SkallSo I’m hanging out over at solidad’s place yesterday when I check my email on a whim. Guess what: the guys who were going to be publishing this paper in-world (whom shall remain nameless) are ducking out completely. They created a stylized logo for me as a present, sent me the passwords, and wished me good luck.

As of yesterday, I am Second Life Games.

So, what does a guy do in a situation like this? I could drop the whole thing, or I could go to work for one of the many startups around SL for L$ 150 – 500 per article. Neither option sounds particularly fun.

Maybe I’ll take option #3. Maybe I’ll make a go of it by myself.

After all, I believe in this. Games mean something to me, and there’s no way in hell that I’m going to take a walk on my ideals just because a couple of other guys give up. (No offense guys!)

So… uh… yeah. It’s all me. Any advice on where to go from here?


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