December 31, 2006

Tringo at IceDragon’s Playpen

Onder Skall reports from IceDragon`s Playpen Island , IceDragons Playpen (64, 48, 53)

Everybody writes about Tringo. Everybody. Basically, there’s a rule that says that if you write about Second Life more than once, you must mention Tringo or somebody will burn your house down. Write. About. Tringo. NOW.

So here it is, my token article about Tringo. Happy?

I’m forced to write about Tringo because it’s this big SL success story. Game invented in SL becomes a smash hit, pervades every single island in SL, has spawned many online immitators, and is making a debut on the GameBoy soon. See? SL is a legitimate media! Everybody get all hard about legitimacy!

I could care less about legitimacy. I care about fun. Is it, or is it not, FUN?

As competetive gambling goes, yes, it’s fun. Picture a Tetris game where everybody gets the peices at the same time and vies for the highest score. Winner takes all (plus a bit from the house). I’ve given you a link to the IceDragon’s Playpen version because they have a great host and don’t spam you with constant announcements. It’s a relatively civil playing environment, and you’ll have a good time.

Just… bring some cash. Expect to lose it.



  1. […] you that, as a writer discussing games in Second Life, there’s an unwritten rule stating you must write about Tringo. […]

  2. wow 3d Tringo game you must publish these games

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