Devils Moon

December 27, 2006

Devils Moon

Devils Moon / Abranimations, Devils Moon (166, 116, 251) – At first glance the place doesn’t look all that hot. Dark brown wood, dirty outside, weird haunting soundtrack… but after a second or two you start to realize that it’s a compelling cyberpunk build. Amid the puddles on the sidewalks and neon glow, there’s an incredible atmosphere being built.

Of course this is a blog about play. Let’s get to the games.

This is a great place to go if you want to buy some games for your lot to play with friends. Mud wrestling, spin-the-bottle, and arm wrestling are actually very fun. Cleverly, the store owners have allowed customers to demo the games before purchasing, so grab a friend and stop on by! (If your friend is of the “special friend” variety, check out the adult animations downstairs.) They also had frizbees, soccer, and yo-yos, but I didn’t get to demo any of it so I have no idea how good any of it is. Anybody try these out? Email me.


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