Cosplay: Your First Game In Second Life

December 23, 2006

Cosplay In Second Life(From left to right) Emo Gymnast, Euthenasia Piedpiper, Nothing Something, Fina Deledda

The first thing you do after rezzing is begin customizing your avatar. It’s natural, after all, not to want to look like everybody else.

This natural inclination has become a major in-world industry. Clothes, skins, hair, particle effects, props, and all manner of attachments are major commodities. While not everybody wants to look like a winged spiky-haired cybergoth demon, the inclination to customize one’s avatar is an absolute that even the most ignorant griefer understands.

Some take it a step further than just nice hair and some pretty jewelery, though. Some want to tell a story, or make an allusion to one, simply by appearance. This is when toying around with sliders stops being even close to enough. Avatar creation becomes an endeavor in itself. It becomes an artful game of balance and creativity.

Game developers will draw similarities between this and the dress-up doll games that were in vogue a couple years back. SL, however, takes this a step further. The avatar isn’t a doll, it’s us. We’re wearing those costumes in every sense that really matters, and often we’ve created the textures and balanced out the color tinting in dozens of ways to get it just right.

In other games, it’s dress-up. In Second Life, it’s cosplay.

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